50+ New Business Cards design ideas for your inspiration

50+ New Business Cards design ideas for your inspiration

Million of companies compete with each other and try to make positive first impression on internet users. Websites are involved into severe competition and it is not easy to stand out. Every business tries to implement new means of client attraction. Nevertheless, you shouldn't forget about real world.Business cards still exist nowadays despite fast IT development and it is strongly recommended to use unusual ideas for your business development. Nicely developed and creative BC are capable of drawing attention to your brand, and thus you can create unique business card style and positive image of your company. Business card is not only a white rectangle with colored logo and black letters. Most interesting business cards ideas are usually generated by small or middle companies. They don’t have huge advertising budget, but they also need to stand out and create memorable cards to attract new customers.

Most creative business cards ideas :

Various creative business cards are created not only with the help of designer techniques but also by means of prominent business card layout ideas. This fact greatly differs them from other usual BC and helps to be unique and unlike numerous business card templates. They are gladly being taken and kept. Clients even go over them from time to time.

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Creative business card design ideas main function is to help clients to use BC as often as possible in everyday life. Thus in appropriate situation you can turn to the company which visiting card you own. Such BCs are not only creative but functional as well.

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Visiting card is made as a constructor and its main goal is to attract client attention with the help of transformation process when usual visiting card turns into creative gadget. Thereby the visiting card which implements this idea significantly stands out among others.

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Transparent business cards become more and more popular and come into fashion. The idea of unusual outlook accelerates the process. Transparency visually lightens them and at the same time attracts the eye with its elegance. The fact that the person why you give BC sees your hand through it makes the contact easier. Such visiting cards seem weightless and client willingly keeps it.

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These business cards owners work in IT sector. Therefore, creating BC, which look as social network or some software these people, emphasize their professional affiliation. While looking on such visiting card you feel like being inside the world of high technologies.

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Business card with hole is difficult to create. It fits professions concerned with creativity and accentuates exclusive status of its owner. Usually it is used to advertise high quality services and products.

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Professionally oriented business cards - visually demonstrate which kind of business they refer to. They can include some materials and elements used in your profession e.g. tissue samples, videographer tools or popcorn image and other. Enormous number of design ideas can be generated while considering this theme.

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We hope that this creative visiting card collection inspired you showed the direction you should move while creating visiting cards. Your business card ideas can be easily implemented with the help of JuicyBC program. Its extended functionality and templates will help to speed up this process.

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