Double-sided business cards: creative ideas for your business

Double-sided business cards: creative ideas for your business

Most people imagine one-sided business cards while talking about visiting cards. It means that all information is placed on one side. At the same time the other side is empty or doesn’t contain any helpful information, thus it is absolutely useless for you and your business. What can be printed on the other side of visiting card to improve it? We explored plenty of marketing and public relations information concerning this question, to create unique list of creative 2 sided business cards. So let’s start….

1: Creative design. Two sided business cards main advantage is that they have more space to place your information. So you can use larger font size and interval, greater photo and logo images. It helps to draw attention to your personal data.

Creative double sided business cards design

2: Colorful design. Free space on visiting card can be used not only to increase font size, but also to make your visiting card prominent among others with the help of vivid colors. For example, you can use combination of main rainbow colors or fill reverse side of double sided business card with bright color.

Two sided business cards with vivid colors

3: Unusual design. You can insert creative photos and images to make your design attractive and memorable. This trick can be used by everyone - a little bit of fantasy and nice images and your visiting card is ready!

2 sided business cards with unusual and memorable design

4: QR code. QR code is quick and comfortable way to transfer information. It’s widely used nowadays, but it occupies comparatively much space. Therefore, it can’t always be situated on the front side of visiting card. Double sided business cards however provide the possibility to arrange all the information you need.

double sided business card template with QR code

5: Circular business cards. Circular cards have unusual form that you will memorize for sure. It reminds coins, tokens, chips forms. On the front side you can arrange contact information. On the other one - put your logo.

Two sided business card template with circular form

6: Ornament. Ornate rounded lines will add something special to your design. Easier variant is to use simple geometrical figures.

Double sided business card with ornate lines

7: Special shape. Business card's shape lets you guess what is the occupation of its owner. For example, real estate agent can have visiting cards that resemble a house, a beauty salon – nail file business cards. Double sided business card printing is the main difficulty you will face in the process of creation of these.

Unusual shape 2 sided business card template

8: Irregular shape. If you are not ready to global experiments concerning shape of your visiting card, as in previous example, you can start doing small changes – round the corners or slightly vary standard shape.

Double sided business cards template having irregular shape

9: Perforated pattern. You can get attention of your potential clients with the help of perforated pattern as in images below.

Double-sided visiting cards with perforated patterns

10: Associative visiting cards. Such visiting cards are associated with different objects that we use in our everyday life.

Two-sided visiting cards looking like real life object

Simple presentation. If you don’t want to spend your time on creative design – just print your information on both sides.

Simple two sided business cards

We believe that examples of visiting cards from our topic will inspire you to make creative business cards design. Juicy BC will help you to implement most incredible design ideas!

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