Elegant business cards design secrets and examples

Elegant visiting are always up-to-date and capable of drawing attention. Usually they combine no more than 3 colors and minimum of vitally important information about its owner. Classical colors such as black, blue, violet and gold should be used combined to create main visiting card palette. Calligraphic fonts are the best choice for elegant card if we take text decoration manner into consideration.

Additional elegant business cards templates

Elegant visiting cards main advantages

  • Suitable for any business
  • Differ among others of the kind
  • Create nice impression about their owner
  • Easier to produce than creative business cards
  • Can be created in almost no time with the help of JuicyBC elegant business card template

Elegant business cards creation ideas

1: Combination of black and gold. This classical combination of colors perfectly fits for luxury segment such as jewellery shop, boutique owners or professional designers. Note that even such subtle things as text fields placement can help in adding significant variety into business card outlook.

Simple elegant business cards design Simple elegant business card with gold sample

2: Creative text. Even most official visiting card can be designed in more creative style with the help of text rotation mechanics. All you have to do is to input your text and turn it by couple degrees. Such visiting card will be noted without any doubt.

Most elegant business cards samples with creative text

3: Visiting card containing logo. If you have a logo you can always use it in your elegant business cards design. However you should keep in mind that the ideal combination usually contains no more than three colors. To decrease the number of colors used in your card you can try matching your text color with the one from your logotype.

Free elegant business card templates containing logo Elegant business cards templates free to download

4: Business cards without logotype. If you are an amateur entrepreneur without your own logo you can try placing an image that is somehow connected with your business or is associated with it. We tried to create an example containing only two different colors. The result is rather attractive, isn't it?

Elegant business cards design containing no logo

5: Color influence. When your elegant business card design is finished and saved we recommend to try different background colors. Though this solution is trivial it is used rather seldom. We tried three colors in our sample visiting card and each one of them made it look outstanding and uncommon.

Colorful elegant business cards Elegant business card templates free with color variations Elegant business card templates created by JuicyBC

6: Minimalistic style. If you have a nice logotype you can devote significant part of your card space to it. Use only most significant information and use the rest to place your image.

Elegant business card template sample for you Elegant business card designs for your consideration Elegant business card design inspiration for JuicyBC users

7: Calligraphic font. If the scope of your activity allows creativity use unusual fonts. They will help to emphasize your individuality.

Elegant business card design with elements of calligraphy

8: Image as a background. If monotone background seems boring you can always use an image from your collection or JuicyBC templates. We used a background from the software image gallery, changed color and font. These were several easy steps that helped us to create simple elegant business cards.

Elegant business card with image as a background

9: Ornament. If you don't have any ideas concerning your card you can always use ornament. It is absolutely neutral and universal and can help to fill empty space on your business card.

Business card elegant themes including ornament Business card elegant design idea

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