Graduate student business cards creation tips

Business cards creation tips for students

Many graduate students communicate with colleagues, attend conferences and other science events. The necessity to change contact information with interlocutor occurs very often. It is extremely useful not only for communication but also for business relationships. Phd student business cards are the best solution of this task nowadays. Business cards for graduate student have a couple of peculiarities which we will describe in our post.

What to put on a student business card

  • Your name
  • All degrees that you have already got (on the same line with the name)
  • After that in the second line write “Master’s candidate” or “Ph.D. candidate” depending on the one you’ve got
  • The third line should contain the words “Graduate Student”
  • Unit/Faculty name and Unit/Faculty address on the next line
  • Then you can write phone number(s)
  • Finally, place your email address and optionally your website or blog address

If you don’t know how to create grad student business card you can examine our examples.

Business cards for students : ideas, examples, templates

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For example, you study in University of Applied Sciences Berlin and you need to create phd student business card. We propose you the solution of this problem.

Variant 1. Graduate student business card sample

Step 1. Open JuicyBC and choose File - > Import Background from main menu. Load any photo you would like to use as a background

First step in student business cards creation

Step 2. Apply text layout depending on your needs

Layouts are handy tool for text placement

Step 3. Fill text fields using graduate student business card creation instruction mentioned above

Step 4. Choose text options which you like by selecting Edit - > Text Options

Text options can improve graduate student business card

Step 5. Well done!

Variant 2. Phd student business card example

Step 1. Main menu: File - > New Blank Project

Starting new business card for student

Step 2. Apply text layout depending on your needs. Move text blocks to desired positions using drag&drop technique

Text layout for business card for phd student selection

Step 3. Add the logo of your university

Phd student business card logo addition

Step 4. You can insert your photo as well

Business card student photo import in JuicyBC maker

Step 5. Your Phd student business card is finished

Business card phd student design is ready

You can make your cards outstanding with the help of colors, text positions and fonts as shown above. Creation of graduate student business card in Juicybc takes less than 10 minutes. Try and make sure yourself!

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