How to make business cards at home

How to make business cards at home

Homemade business card

Business card is a good variant to extend the professional contacts and be in touch with your clients and colleagues. It helps greater number of people to know about your business for relatively small fee . You don’t need to spend lots of money to hire professional designer, because you can do everything yourself at home - create your cards within several minutes, print them out on your own printer and thus save your money and get perfectly designed visiting cards.

To create visiting card at home you need:
  • Business card template
  • Printer
  • Business card stock or dense paper, metal ruler and office knife.
Creation of business cards at home can be divided into next steps:
  • Juicy BC software usage: choose template or make your own design
  • Printing
  • Cutting of business cards

Step 1: Prepare visiting cards prototype

At this step, we choose outlook of our business card: style, color and content. It’s the most important stage, because you need to take into consideration: theme, creative visual perception and compatibility with corporate color and logo.

Step 2: Business cards prototype creation can be done in several ways

  • Choose designed templates from our gallery.
  • JuicyBC Template gallery
  • Embody your own design from scratch.
  • Creating a card from scratch

Click here to find out how to tune JuicyBC program options

Step 3: Printing using common paper or Avery business card templates

After creation of visiting card prototype, it needs to be printed out. Before starting this process you may click on main menu, enter Print setup and choose necessary options. Print setup dialog provides possibility to choose printing device, including network printer, and page settings. Business card stock selection is also available and can be found in PrintPreview dialog accessible via File-Print.

JuicyBC Print preview dialog

Step 4: Cutting

If you have business cards stock there is no necessity to cut visiting card yourself. If you use other variants of paper this step helps to cut visiting cards safely and neatly. Find hard surface, which will not be damaged when you cut. As an option thick glass or plexiglass can be put under any surface. Position paper on surface. Put metal ruler to separation line and cut the paper with office knife. Repeat this step until visiting cards will be cut from all sides.

Homemade visiting cards are ready!

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