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Modern painters as everyone else nowadays needs means of advertisement. People should know you and your works, this is the way leading to development. Experienced painters that could help you in improving your painting skills, art gallery owners that can arrange exhibition of your art-works, and potential clients - wide range of persons that might get interested in your business, if you are able to present yourself properly. How you can achieve this?

First, you can create a web-site containing your work examples. A web-site is very important in contemporary world, where everyone has internet access and will be able to browse your paintings directly from home. Unfortunately this task is rather hard for a person having no experience in web-site creation. There are several obvious solutions of the problem including hiring a web-site designer or using a template found on-line. Despite the advantages that a web-site has, you should be able to present yourself in a personal meeting.

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This is the moment when you need painters business card. They can help you become really popular. What should they look like? There is no precise answer, only general advices. Your cards should be a visual representation of your occupation - vivid and unique. Strict white and black colours can suit a person with more ordinary profession like judge or commercial photographer , but not a painter. Some examples of your works can be used as a background for your painting business card templates. Thus you achieve several goals at once - make your visiting cards unique and memorable and add vivid colours to their design. Adding some visual effects to your card(for example a nice gradient overlaying your work or palette change) will make it even more outstanding. Adding nice frames and choosing unusual text fonts will add necessary personality to your card.

Having read all the above mentioned information it may seem that creation of painting business cards is quite a complicated process something like web-site creation. But things are much easier than they look. To create a professionally looking business card you just have to get business card creation software. Juicy Business Cards is an appropriate example. It has plenty of features allowing you to customize the provided templates or create your own. The program interface is easily understandable even if you don't have much experience in computer software usage. Import your paintings as backgrounds, input your information and print your card at home. Download Juicy Business Cards free version and get your own cards within minutes!

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