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If you are a professional photographer then it's absolutely necessary for you to have a business card(BC) which will illustrate your professional skills. When ordering professional photos your clients expect to get something that can revive their memories concerning the most important events of their life many years after. Therefore when choosing a photographer they would prefer a professional having nice examples of his previous photos to someone of unknown skills and questionable reputation. Photographers business cards is a great chance of introducing yourself to unknown people. Apart from your contact information including your name and occupation you can also add examples of your works and it will be a nice and thoughtful decision. While creating your photographer business cards we'd advise to be creative to make it more memorable thus making unknown people prefer you to other photographers. Several simple advices that can help you if you are an amateur.

First of all you should remember that photographers' BC main task is to introduce you - that's why you have to fill it with information that is rather usual - your name, e-mail, phone etc. But you can use various means to make it interesting and easy to remember. Using unusual fonts for example can help to achieve this goal. The text can be of colors contrasting with main background to make it more prominent and easier to read. Or alternatively you can use alike colors for text and background and add some nice colorful frames rimming the text fields.

Additinoal bc template for photographer

The second advice we'd like to give you - make your photographer business сard unique. As a photographer your have a lot of photos demonstrating your professional skills. And this gives you great advantage in comparison with other professionals. You can always use your previous works when creating cool photographer business cards. Your images can be inserted not only as small photos, you can use them to make the whole background. Thus your photographer business card design will become absolutely unique. But this is not the only advantage. Using this small tip you will also let your potential clients evaluate the quality of your work, demonstrating some of your photos right on your business card.

And the last but very important thing we would like to mention - photographer BC should look professionally. Smooth cut edges, nicely looking design, neat font - your card should look as if it was made in professional typography. There is an obvious way achieve it - order your cards in professional typography or use photographer business card templates. But this takes certain amount of time. And if you are out of cards you'll have to repeat the whole procedure of ordering again. But there is an alternative! Juicy Business Cards is a specialised business card creation software, which allows to create and print your own design right at home . The program is very easy to use and enables you to create professional looking cards in few easy steps. Just download JuicyBc free trial and start creating!

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