Salon business cards creation tips

Salon business cards creation tips

Visiting cards for beauty salon: build up your consumer audience yourself! Attracting as much visitors as possible can be attained by creating visiting cards for your salon. Usually, if you don’t invite new clients and don’t hold regular ones your average annual number of visitors decreases by 10%. Therefore you need advertisement to get positive progression dynamics for your salon. Visiting card created with the help of JuicyBC maker is one of the simplest, most effective and cheapest advertisement variants

All you need to do is just fill the template with your personal information or create salon business card design yourself.

Main program options include: Salon business card creative design
  • Nice design of templates.
  • Various arrangement of text elements.
  • Cutting of business cards
  • Broad spectrum of printing layouts.
  • And many others
Salon business cards ideas

For your inspiration, we found some examples of visiting cards. Below you can see a couple of variants, including hair, beauty and nail salon business card templates.

Examples of vivid salon business cards Some additional salon business card templates Additional salon business card designs More salon business card examples
How to create salon business card

Salon business card design - variant 1

Business card created in JuicyBC maker

Step 1. Open JuicyBC maker and add your background: File – Import Background and choose yours.

Step 2. Move text blocks into desired positions and fill in your personal information. Also you can tune text color and size, as shown on screenshot

Step 3. If you want to change font for every text field at once: Edit – Text Options.

Step 4. Place text elements as you like.

Unusual design. You can insert creative photos and images to make your design attractive and memorable. This trick can be used by everyone - a little bit of fantasy and nice images and your visiting card is ready!

Salon business card design - variant 2

Visiting card edited in JuicyBC software

Step 1. Find nice background and add logo, as shown on screenshot

Step 2. Press button “Background options” and select color.

Step 3. Place text elements as you like and use “Frame options” to mark same text.

Step 4. That’s it. Now you can print your salon business cards.

As you may have noticed, creating salon business card designs with the help of JuicyBC creator is fast and easy. Join it now for special proposition: only $29,95!

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