SWGSoft company has long history. By the year of 2005 it encountered significant number of projects. Some of them are still accessible and can be downloaded at swgsoft.com.

Business cards creator

The same year the idea of business card creator software came into our minds.The main peculiarity of the project was to fulfill wishes of those people who don't want to order visiting cards on-line and wait a day or even two for the delivery. We wanted to give them a possibility of convenient business card creator download so that they could create their own cards and print them within just minutes.

In 2006 business cards creator was released. Those times the software was quite simple and straightforward. But even search engines were not as well developed as nowadays. For example while trying to find buisness card creator you could face not the sites which suited your needs but quite the opposite. Everything is changing. Business card creation was developing, and so was our software.

We added a lot of new features and business cards became more and more sophisticated, however the process of their creation remained easy and time-saving.

At the moment of our business cards creator release there was nothing alike on the market. But since then lots of other business card creation software were created and we are glad to see that. In our company we think that competition helps us to improve our product and our customers get their benefits concerning this fact.

There is great number of alike projects today including even business card creator freeware, but we believe that the business card creator we propose ,provides possibilities that other programs do not - creation of unique and memorable design, which will help your business to develop and provide you pleasure and profit. Just try JuicyBC and it won't disappoint you!

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