Template Library

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The first thing you see after JuicyBC business card software launches is template library. All Juicy business card software free templates are accessible via this library. You can use it to create your business card. If you don't like any of the templates just push Escape and you will start your project with default settings. There are four templates at each page of the library.

To switch between library pages push Next page or Previous page button. To choose a specific template just click on it. The template that is chosen at the moment is marked with a blue tick.Then you can fill the fields containing information which will be used as default in future.

After you've finished with it push Continue button.

If you don't want to fill any fields just push No in the message box which will appear and start with all the fields filled with default meanings.

Text Layout

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The business card design software provides you with the possibility of choosing among ten text layouts. This deprives you from the necessity of moving and positioning text yourself. To switch between text layouts just push the image of the appropriate layout at the bottom of the business cards software main window. Current layout is marked with special visual effect.

Background images

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You can easily switch to different background images in JuicyBC card design software and choose the one that suits you most or import your own image. Business card software free background images encounter approximately 200 pictrures.When you start a new project the second background image is selected. However if you created your project from a template the starting background image may differ.Currently selected background image is marked with a blue tick. To change current background image just click on the correspondent picture in the left pane of the main window of the software for business cards. You can observe different number of background images depending on the resolution of your screen. However the number of images provided even in demo version is greater than you will be possibly able to see at a time. To see more backgrounds just push the buttons which are situated above the image pane with corresponding arrow. If you are not satisfied with the proposed backgrounds you can easily import custom ones. Just choose Import background from the File menu and select the background. JuicyBC cards design software gives you the possibility of importing backgrounds in such formats as jpg/png/bmp/gif/tif/tga/pcx. The recommended size of the background is 1062x615 dots which will provide you with the best quality.

Save template

The visiting card design software proposes you a great variety of templates. However you may not be satisfied with the templates included into the business card software. So you can extend the library. To do this just make up a card you would like to use as a template later and choose Save Template from the File menu. Type the name of the file you would like your template to be saved to. Mind that there is no need in specifying the extension of the template. It is also important that the templates you saved will be accessible only from the installed copy of the visiting card software. If you want to move your own template library to another machine or share it with your colleagues you've got to copy the files with your templates to the destination machine. To do this open the business card design software directory, then tmpl directory and copy your templates to the corresponding directory of the destination machine. The templates are saved in two files with .jbt and .jbp extensions. You should also remember that if your templates are based on the customly imported backgrounds they will not be loaded correctly unless you import the corresponding background.

Export image

Though our business cards design software provides you with the possibility of printing yourself you may want to export the image of the card you've created for more sophisticated printing or for some other purposes.To do this just choose Export Image from the File menu. The current version of business card maker software exports image with the following characteristics: file format - jpeg/bmp/png/gif/tiff/pcx/tga, resolution - 300 dpi, image size - 1062x615. You can specify image quality for jpeg/tiff file formats.


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JuicyBC supports printing your colorful designs right from the software. Business card you've created will be displayed as draft card preview in Print Preview dialog box, which can be accessed by choosing File-Print or pressing Ctrl+P. This dialog box gives you the opportunity to choose card stock dimensions before printing. If you choose "Use Predefined Page Layout" option, you'll access most popular card stock - Avery. Business card software draft page preview shows the approximate position of cards in the paper sheet.

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