Business card templates - fast, easy and convenient.


Creating visiting cards with JuicyBC takes a few minutes if you use one of business cards template included into the software. Just download and start editing , thus creating unique design of your own. Program trial version includes great number of business card templates allowing you to save your time and get nice prints within short period of time. However trying to create a flawless masterpiece may takes decent amount of time, which you'll spend exploring software unique features, changing font and background, adding your photos and logos.


Creating visiting cards using the program doesn't require any special knowledge. Neither you have to send your data to print-shop or bother about number of copies and their cost.All you have to do is to launch JuicyBC free trial version, input your information, choose business card template you like and press print. If you don't like predefined designs the software gives you the possibility to use blank business card template. To chose it you need to select File->New Blank Project from program main menu.


You don't have to go somewhere to print your cards, you don't need to search for business cards template exploring great number of various sites or wait for your order delivery.You can create and print the design you've created yourself at home/office without any limitations. Moreover if you've created a design that you want to share or use in future you can save it as business card template or export into most popular image formats.

Business cards templates which can be found on our site demonstrate some basic program features. This involves changing font and background, adding text frames and logo. The software however includes much greater number of business cards templates which are accessible even in free version. If none of them suites you needs you can always create blank business card template and customize it through adding your background(one of your own pictures probably), including the logo of you company or your photo thus making your design absolutely unique.

Some answers which will help with business card design templates issues while using JuicyBC.

All the templates are included into the software download . All you have to do to get access to them is to install and launch the program.
You have to choose New Blank Project option from File menu.
After you've finished editing process choose Templates->Save from program main menu. Your design will be added to other templates for business cards. You can access it any time.

We hope this will help you to create your cards fast and easy while using JuicyBC software. If you still have any questions feel free to contact us any time.